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Transforming waste into compost

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Kim Nido – founder of T.W.I.N Agri Tech. AKP/T.W.I.N Agro

With humble start, a  private joint venture entity between Cambodia and Singapore is gradually expanding its activity to transform Phnom Penh’s garbage into organic fertilizer, as waste management remains a concern particularly for the capital.

The firm, T.W.I.N Agri Tech Co., Ltd. specialising in making compost from wastes to help farmers with their plants to promote green and sustainable solutions can collect from 30 to 45 of the total 3,000 tonnes in Phnom Penh.

“One tonne of waste can produce only between 50 and 120 kilogrammes of compost or organic fertiliser, and to process the wastes into compost, it takes about 45 to 60 days,” Mr. Kim Nido – a founder of T.W.I.N Agri Tech.

Photo: AKP/T.W.I.N Agro

With the current capacity of 300 to 500 tonnes organic fertiliser production per month, the group can sell it for US$125 dollars a tonne – not very lucrative, at least for now, but is a sustainable step which is very environment-friendly.

Everyday, the 35 workers of T.W.I.N Agri Tech go out to collect wastes that can be transformed into compost especially kitchen wastes from markets, eateries, farms, food processing sites and beyond.

“Deum Kor market alone has wastes of about 40 tonnes that can be made into compost, however, we can only absorb 10 tonnes of it due to our limited resources,” continued Mr. Kim Nido.

Photo: AKP/T.W.I.N Agro

Started in 2013 with just two Cambodian and Singaporean founders, T.W.I.N Agri Tech is optimistic of future expansion of its service giving the increasing need for such investment to address waste concern. Lim Nary/AKP


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