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Airport infrastructure key for Mondulkiri

Sok Chan / Khmer Times Share:
Mondulkiri Provincial governor Svay Sam Ang (R), and Minister of Tourism Thong Khon (L) during the inter-ministry meeting. Supplied

The development of tourism in Mondulkiri province will require continued investment in transportation infrastructure – particularly in the region’s airport – which will play a vital role to service both tourists and light freight, according to a senior official at the ministry.

Minister of Tourism Thong Khon, said that the northeastern province of Mondulkiri has been considered as an eco-tourism hub and therefore must be developed with high responsibility.

Khon also said that the tourism sector needs the support from all relevant stakeholders such as; environment, agriculture, culture, clean water, electricity, telecommunications and technology industries.

This is especially the case for the “Provincial Mondulkiri Master Plan” which includes the development of airport infrastructure – the draft master plan will be completed by end of August 2020, according to the Ministry of tourism, he added.

“In the future, Mondulkiri Airport will become the region’s main airport to connect Mondulkiri to other popular tourist destinations such as Thailand, Vietnam and Laos, as well as, the main cities in Asean and China,” Khon said.

Mondulkiri Provincial governor Svay Sam Ang said that there are 39 tourism sites in Mondulkiri province, including; a waterfall, ethnic cultural villages or areas, manmade resorts, a mountain and farms to serve the needs of eco-tourists.

Road infrastructure has already been built which can facilitate the transportation of agriculture products and other freight including people to neighbouring countries especially Vietnam, he added.

In response to plans to construct Mondulkiri Airport, Cambodia’s State Secretariat of Civil Aviation (SSCA), spokesman Sin Chansereyvutha, said the SSCA has completed the study for an initial masterplan following Mondulkiri being given priority as a potential tourist destination.

“It is necessary to have an airport in any potential tourism destination because it will transform the region to develop faster,” he said.

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