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Russian embassy stands for preservation of memory with a publication of journal

Khmer Times Staff / Khmer Times Share:
Russian Ambassador to Cambodia, H.E Dmitry Tsvetkov. Supplied

The Russian embassy has released a journal comprised of four issues titled News from Russia to share with Cambodians and those who value memories of the past and fighters against fascism during the Second World War, documents from Russia’s opened archives.

The event was devoted to the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, (June 22, 1941 – May 9, 1945), and aimed at contributing to preservation of memory of the past and countering attempts to falsify historic events.

“Some countries are trying to falsify historic truths and forge a new reality,” said Dmitry Tsvetkov, Russian ambassador to the Kingdom of Cambodia, adding: “Unfortunately, today we are witnessing how some Western countries impose unilateral sanctions against those who strive for preserving their independence, sovereignty and different worldview.”

According to the ambassador, intolerance and conflicts witnessed today in international relations are partly connected with attempts to dismantle the existing international system, with the UN at its core. However, the alternative proposed is mostly beneficial to the few.

“Under the guise of human rights protection, these powers are attempting to introduce dominance and a new world order,” he said.

Tsvetkov strongly denounced attempts to falsify historic reality, undermine existing international systems and the UN institutions, as well as to glorify the criminal activities of Nazis, fascist puppet regimes and their henchmen urging to act together in countering such attempts.

In this connection, the ambassador said: “I am delighted to see that most countries, including the Kingdom of Cambodia are supporting the resolutions of the UN General Assembly against glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other practices that encourage modern forms of racism and xenophobia.”

“Today the Russian embassy is trying to draw the attention of the of Cambodian people, as well as of our partners residing here to the Great Patriotic War to remind [people] about the role our country had during that terrible calamity, as well as about its victims and successes. I hope that the presentation of four issues of journals called News from Russia could contribute to expanding the knowledge of the Cambodian about this chapter of the Second World War,” he concluded.

The press attache to the Russian embassy while presenting the journal mentioned that a long time ago the Soviet Union and now Russia have become a scapegoat for the problems that its former allies and some former Soviet republics are facing these days, raising concerns over dismantling monuments to the Red Army soldiers in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. He said documents “demonstrate how the Soviet troops fought the member states of Axis powers, with direct orders not to acquire any territory or change existing social systems”, adding the Soviet army demonstrated strict non-interference in the internal affairs, with representatives of different political views reconstituting their once occupied nations.

The first issue of News from Russia looks at the initial period of WWII while the second issue focuses on the Ukrainian Insurgent Army and Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists activities based on the documents of the People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of State Security. The third issue delves into the liberating missions of the Soviet’s Red Army and the last issue covers the diplomatic successes of the USSR during the war.

All issues are available in Khmer, English and Russian.

Representatives of the Cambodian People’s Party, Civil Society Alliance Forum, Union of Youth Federations of Cambodia, the Royal Academy of Cambodia and Asian Vision Institute attended the presentation.

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