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‘King of Kun Khmer ISI Palm-ISI Pipe’ is back

Jose Rodriguez T. Senase / Khmer Times Share:
A Facebook post announcing the six matches featuring Cambodia’s best Kun Khmer fighters. PNN

Cambodian boxing fans have a reason to be happy these days despite the Coronavirus pandemic ravaging through the Kingdom and other parts of the world.

The president of the Cambodian Boxing Federation initially stopped the boxing matches that television stations regularly host and air. However, Prime Minister Hun Sen intervened and allowed these stations to resume their Kun Khmer programmes. These bouts are among the most popular shows on Cambodian TV and have attracted a large following in this country of 16 million people.

Town Full HDTV was among the first to respond, resuming MAS Fight Cambodia in mid-April. The latest to respond is PNN TV Cambodia. Early last month, PNN TV Cambodia was forced to cancel its premier Kun Khmer show ‘King of Kun Khmer ISI Palm-ISI Pipe’ after the Boxing Federation’s initial decision.

‘King of Kun Khmer ISI Palm-ISI Pipe’ resumed yesterday at PNN TV Cambodia studio in Phnom Penh.

As with its previous editions, the show on Sunday featured some of the top Kun Khmer fighters in the Kingdom.

There were six bouts in total. There are three rounds (one round is completed after three minutes) for each bout.

Long Soklim won his bout over Sur Kakada in the 45kg division; Phan Phannaat won the second bout for the blue corner with his superb performance against Morn Rithy in the 57kg class; Yib Duk outlasted Chek Kimhong in their 54kg bout; Cham Sam Art defeated Preourng Socheat in the 60kg category; Long Chin beat Touch David in another 60kg bout; and Thun Borey slipped past Ly Sokva in the 40kg class.

“The first three matches are special bouts, while the fourth and fifth bouts are co-main events,” Sreu Sreng (Samnob), head of sports at PNN TV Cambodia, said.

To prevent the spread of Coronavirus, the organisers of the show did not allow fans to sit courtside. The bouts were aired live on TV.

Also known as Pradal Serey, Kun Khmer is Cambodia’s version of kickboxing. In Kun Khmer, a fighter tries to subdue his opponent by the use of punches, elbows, kicks and knee strikes. Kun Khmer is also similar to Muay Thai. Fighters win either by knockout, technical knockout or by points.

ISI Group, a leading business conglomerate in Cambodia, is the exclusive sponsor for the event.

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