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A Cambodian worker in South Korea faces deportation over quarantine violation

Khuon Narim / Khmer Times Share:
Long Dimanche meet with Cambodian migrant workers in South Korea. Khmers in Korea

A Cambodian migrant worker will be deported to Cambodia after he defied the 14-day mandatory quarantine in South Korea amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cambodian Ambassador to South Korea Long Dimanche said yesterday a 28-year-old Cambodian worker violated the 14-day quarantine in South Korea after his recent return from Cambodia for the Khmer New Year.

“South Korean’s law is very strict,” Mr Dimanche said.

The labourer arrived in South Korea on April 23 and was expected to finish his quarantine on May 7, Mr Dimanche said, adding the man went through five days of quarantine but left the centre to go to the immigration police to report a document he lost when he was in Cambodia .

Upon his arrival at the immigration office, his name appeared through an app tracing system that he

was under quarantine, Mr Dimanche said, noting the man should not have left the quarantine facility.

“He will be fined between $8,000 and $9,000. He will be sent back to Cambodia,” he said, adding South Korea’s immigration police will send the case to the court.

Mr Dimanche also called on all Cambodian migrant workers to stay put and not return to Cambodia amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In a separate case, Mr Dimanche said a 24-year-old Cambodian female student who flew from the United Kingdom on the way to Cambodia tested positive for COVID-19 after transiting in South Korea.

“She tested positive upon her arrival in South Korea on April 26,” he said, adding she is now receiving medical treatment at a hospital.

“Her health is stable and she just had a mild flu ,” Mr Dimanche said.

He said once she fully recovers she will be allowed to depart for Cambodia.

Meanwhile, a 68-year Cambodian-French man Pascal Danh succumbed to COIVD-19 in France last week.

A France resident, Bin Sreypov said yesterday her uncle died of COVID-19 on Friday after he received medical treatment in a Paris hospital for 25 days.

She said his body will be cremated today.

“He was infected with COVID-19 when he went to have a blood dialysis at the hospital,” Ms Sreypov said. She added, so far, about 10 Cambodian French have died from coronavirus in France.

A 2011 report placed the Cambodian population in France at over 80,000.

As of yesterday, France confirmed over 168,396 infections, with 24,760 deaths and 50,562 recoveries, according to a media report.

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