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Workers unions request minimum wage of $250

Va Sonyka / Khmer Times Share:
A group of all female garment worker leave their factory after work. KT/Pann Rachana

Workers Unions representing over 10,000 workers in the Kingdom have requested the government an increase in minimum wage to $250 per month for garment workers, an augmentation of $60 in wage compared to the original stipend imposed in 2020.

In a letter sent to Prime Minister Hun Sen which coincided with the International Labour Day, includes 18 requests regarding the concerns of workers during the pandemic. It also urges the government to set decent minimum wage for workers in other sectors that is economically affected by the virus since the beginning of 2020.

“This year the unemployment issues and loss of income is a critical issue for the workers due to Covid-19. Recently, some factory owners have shut down and dismissed workers and union representative without paying salary and other compensations,” read the letter.

It also callen on the government to support at least 60%, of the workers’ salary, comprising 20% from the government and 40% from employers during the current pandemic without any condition applied by1 the government.

Prime Minister Hun Sen issued a letter this morning which mentioned that the government will be giving 20% of the minimum wage of $190 to the workers who have participated into soft skill training with the Ministry of Labour, as an additional payment 40% pay paid by the employer.

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