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Kingdom Needs to Support Women and Girls, Minister Says

Mom Kunthear / Khmer Times Share:
Garment factory workers from Kandal province ride a vehicle made out of motorcycle and small truck parts to go home. The garment industry is Cambodia’s largest formal sector employer. By mid-2008, the sector had more than 300 factories, with nearly 340,000 workers. KT/ Chhor Sokunthea

Women’s Affairs Minister Dr. Ung Kanthaphavy addressed multiple points regarding the achievement of gender equality and empowerment of women and girls in the Kingdom during a two-day meeting reviewing the ministry’s work in 2015 and planning its goals for 2016 yesterday.
Dr. Kanthaphavy said Cambodian women and girls would benefit from the elimination of all forms of violence, human trafficking, abuse, forced marriage and genital mutilation perpetuated against them. So too would the recognition and valuing of housework and the provision of public services, infrastructure and social protection policies, as well as the promotion of shared housework responsibilities with men to improve their status in society.
“To accelerate the implementation’s reach as planned, the Women’s Affairs Ministry, which is a national mechanism, has to facilitate the achievement of world indicators matching with the environment in Cambodia and begin facilitating an internal discussion with relevant ministries, institutions, development partners and non-government organizations both national and international to prepare an active plan for implementation,” Dr. Kanthaphavy said.
Men Sam An, a Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Assembly-Senate Relations and Inspection, said during the meeting yesterday that although Cambodia has developed quickly as far as the promotion of gender equality and empowering women is concerned, the country still faces problems that need to be solved.
More women need to participate in the public policy, economic and education sectors. Women’s health problems, infidelity, sex trafficking and physical abuse also need to be addressed and solved, as do the problems pertaining to rape victims’ treatment by the legal system, Ms. Sam An said.
Dr. Kanthaphavy noted that the government had established a national committee to fight human trafficking, especially of women and children. The committee is comprised of members of the Interior Ministry and other five other ministries.
“Fighting against human trafficking on the national level and international level works because human trafficking is not only happening in Cambodia, but is spread far outside the country,” Dr. Kanthaphavy said.
She said work is needed by all ministries to intervene in the problems faced by women.
“Regarding the fight against human trafficking, there are six ministries involved,” Dr. Kanthaphavy said. “The Ministry of Education leads a working group on prevention. The Ministry of Social Affairs leads a working group responsible for protection.
“The Ministry of Interior is responsible for fighting against trafficking when it does occur. The Ministry of Justice is responsible for the laws. And the Ministry of Labor works with other relevant ministries regarding immigrant work.”

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