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UNAIDS to provide protection and support to returning migrants in Cambodia

Migrant workers who crossed back into Cambodia being given a health briefing at the border before they were checked and transported to their respective provinces. AKP

UNAIDS, in its blog Monday said that as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic many businesses have closed in Thailand. This has resulted in more than 90,000 Cambodian migrant workers losing their employment and have returned home.

The United Nations is working closely with Government of Cambodia to ensure that migrant workers and their families receive immediate assistance in terms of shelter and food.

UNAIDS, together with WHO, UNICEF, and UNFPA is supporting the design of a rapid health assessment of returning migrants led by IOM. The assessment will look at the health needs of returning migrants, including access to HIV prevention and treatment services.

In addition, the United Nations and partners are working to include migrants in the social protection support package that is being proposed as part of the exceptional measures created by the Government to mitigate the impact of COVID 19 among vulnerable groups. UNAIDS

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