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More cases of foreigners stranded in Cambodia because of lockdowns elsewhere, this time a Kiwi

Stranded Australians and Singaporeans queueing to get on a specially arranged repatriation to Sydney via Singapore. Khmer Times

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of New Zealand has been reported by a local newspaper there that several citizens of there are stranded in Cambodia because of lockdowns in neighbouring countries and flight cancellations.

Newshub report showcased a New Zealander who was trapped in Cambodia, Yahya Sheikha.

Sheikha is a Syrian refugee who was resettled in New Zealand and was reportedly trapped in Cambodia after the Thai-Cambodia land borders were shuttered because of the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The paper said that Sheikha’s family, comprising five children and wife in Wellington are desperate to get him back. They were the first Syrian refugees to be resettled in New Zealand.

Yahya Sheikha flew to Thailand to visit family and then he went by land to Cambodia to visit friends. But while there Thailand’s border was closed, and he couldn’t get out of Cambodia.

“So I am stuck here, I can’t do anything,” he was reported by Newshub as saying.

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“It’s very hard to stay without your family in this time, in this lockdown, you need someone to support you, to stand with you, and now he has no one,” neighbour Qutaiba Al Akad was quoted by Newshub.

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