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Here Comes ‘The Main Event’

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The Main Event is now streaming on Netflix. It is 101 minutes long and is rated TV-G. Netflix

Finally, the children who dream of becoming professional wrestlers have a film reflecting their passion, and it is ‘The Main Event’.

The director Jay Karas, a veteran live telecast and stand-up comedy specialist, gives Netflix subscribers a silly comedy which is not only entertaining but also signifying important messages for children and teenagers as they are growing up.

In the family comedy, sweet-natured Leo (Seth Carr) is an 11-year old boy who is enthusiastic about professional wrestling and dreams of becoming a rookie in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). One day, while escaping from school bullies, he finds a wrestling mask which, once donned, gives him super strength and agility but also stinks of body odour. The mask fulfills a juvenile fantasy of limitless power, and Leo puts it to the test when, with the blessing of his goofy and wrestling-obsessed grandma (Tichina Arnold), enters a pro wrestling competition under the moniker Kid Chaos.

Tichina Arnold is the grandma we love in the Netflix original comedy. Netflix

The Main Event has a good blend of a superhero fantasy with some real elements of professional wrestling. If you plan to watch the streaming on the network tonight, be ready for ring-pounding comic mayhem—and a huge amount of slapstick and physical humour. The overall story is a plus—with heart-wrenching moments and the protagonists’ dealing with his external and internal conflicts, something that a child who dares to dream will have to face in his or her life. It also pleases WWE fans, featuring appearances by WWE wrestlers, The Miz, Kofi Kingston, Sheamus, Otis, Mia Yim, Babatunde and Keith Lee. Lee, who weights more than 300 pounds, gives a good- though not very impressive—performance, especially when he displays his incredible aerial moves.

Seth Carr gives quite an impressive performance—despite his lack of experience—playing a boy whose coming of age comes early. His astute ability to embody the universalities of an everyday kid thrown into extraordinary circumstances is noteworthy. Meanwhile, Tichina Arnold, playing the role of a supportive grandmother, offers some of the most humorous moments in the film.

Meanwhile, one of the few negative features of The Main Event, which everyone will definitely notice, is the special effects. They are so limited that viewers can tell that it is a low-budget comedy. Also the filmmakers fail to include an overall comedy punch-up and dismissed Sitcom-style shenanigans, which could be enjoyable to millenniums. All of these, however, should have been compromised with health messages and core values built on family, teamwork and inspirational aspirations.

The ‘Main Event’ features an array of WWE superstars. Netflix
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