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All Senate Members Support “State of Emergency” Law

Taing Rinith / Khmer Times Share:
Mr Keut Rith, Minister of Justice, speaking during this morning’s meeting at the Senate as the representative of the government. KT/ Taing Rinith

In an extraordinary session this morning, all members of the Senate voted in favour of the “State of Emergency” draft law, passing it to the final phase of becoming a legislation.

The session came after the Senate’s Commission on Legislation and Justice on Wednesday finished its study on the “The State of Emergency” and said it does not violate the Constitution or any laws in the Kingdom.

Before their votes were cast, 54 members of the Senate debated and expressed their outlook on the law draft. During the meeting, all representatives of the discussion group spoke of their support to the “State of Emergency” Law.

“The law is very important right now as the Kingdom of Cambodia is dealing with the deadly COVID-19,” said Mr Kiev Mut, a Senate member and a former Secretary of States to the Ministry of Environment.

“Also, the law can be useful in the future, when an emergency like the pandemic happens again.”

Mr Sok Eysan, another Senator and the ruling party spokesman, in the meeting dismissed claims that the law will be used by the government to suppress the people’s rights and freedoms.

“The purpose behind this law is to protect the people’s lives and interest as well as the nation’s development on a long term,” Mr Eysan said, noting that it is unfair to accuse the Cambodian government of abusing its power since government in the Western countries have already declared state of emergency.

According to Mr Mam Bunneang, the Senate spokesman, the law draft, with unanimous approval from the upper house of the Parliament, shall be submitted to the Constitutional Council for another review before being submitted to the King or the acting Head of State to sign to become the law.

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