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Ministry studies apps for coronavirus response

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NIPTICT officials meet with the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications research team. Ministry of Posts

Posts and Telecommunication Minister Chea Vandeth on Monday held a meeting to review research findings for two mobile applications and a ventilator, which could be used in the Kingdom’s response to the coronavirus.

The meeting was attended by the ministry’s research team and officials from the National Institute of Posts Telecoms and ICT (NIPTICT).

The three innovations being enlisted by the ministry are: Open Trace KH Program, a smartphone application, which helps track any person who has been in contact with patients infected by COVID-19; Self-Quarantine Mobile, another smartphone application, which can be used to determine and report the health condition of any patient or person practicing self-quarantine; and Ventilator, a toll which can be used to provide minimum oxygen support for patients being treated in hospitals located in remote areas or anywhere with insufficient oxygen supply.

During the meeting, Mr Vandeth asked the research team to continue working hard, in collaboration with Ministry of Health, so the applications can soon be rolled out.

He also praised the initiative of the research team and ministry officials who are actively involved in the government’s efforts to tackle the pandemic.

Be Chantra, NIPTICT public relations director, said yesterday the three initiatives were chosen for appraisal after a hackathon on COVID-19, themed #HacKHthecrisis, held at the beginning of this month.

“Among the nine apps and tools presented at the hackathon, we chose these three which we think should be given priority to be developed,” he said.

Mr Chantra said the app’s developers are lecturers at NIPTICT while the ventilator is an initiative of local technology company ArrowDot.

Yesterday, the prototypes of the apps and ventilator were sent to the Ministry of Health for review.

“We have taken the apps and tools to discuss with MoH on whether they can be used to help in the efforts to tackle the pandemic,” Mr Chantra said. “Once the MoH gives its approval, the developers will go forward with the project.”

Lim Sangva, CEO of ArrowDot, said yesterday the MoH officials an assessment on the ventilator is underway.

“The prototype of Ventilator has been sent to the Health Ministry for tests,” he said. “If it is chosen, we are advised to work with MoH’s officials to improve its quality.”

Mr Sangva said ArrowDot can produce up to 10 Ventilators daily but if there is an urgent demand, the company can team up with local developers to produce up to 100 Ventilators per day.

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