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Cambodia must boost agricultural output, says Prime Minister Hun Sen

A truck unloads paddy rice. Output still remains low compared to other neighbouring producers. KT/Chor Sokunthea

The prime minister has urged all stake holders involved in the agricultural sector in the country to boost and promote the vital agricultural sector as it will provide food for the country’s people as well as enable exports.

Mr Hun Sen, speaking at a press conference at the Peace Palace yesterday instructed the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries and other stakeholders to further greater attention to farming, livestock, fisheries and other products to boost its growth and help contribute towards the national economy while other traditional economic pillars are in the doldrums because of the current Coronavirus pandemic.

He said that the virus has affected other sectors including services, tourism, industry and construction but this is an opportunity for the agriculture sector to look into various measures to boost output and food production and make Cambodia self-sufficient instead of relying in food imports.

According to the Prime Minister, services, tourism, and industrial sectors used to achieve high growth for many years while the agriculture sector has seen only a slight growth, but this year all stakeholders have to do their best to promote the agriculture.

Mr Hun Sen also ordered the state companies to balance priority food stocks to ensure food security in the country, including rice and salt.

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