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Testing of possible Covid-19 cluster victims narrows to 100 a day

Health officials carrying it checks on suspected victims in Kompong Cham. Supplied

A Health Ministry source told Khmer Times that the testing of possible victims of COVID-19 among cluster groups in suspected areas and communities has slowed to just over a 100 the past few days.

“Previously we tested between 300 to 500 cases a day but this has slowed down to 100 and this probably explains the three consecutive days of no new cases being detected or reported. We are looking at measures to expand our testing protocols to ensure as many people as possible get tested to further combat the spread of the virus,” the official, a front liner in the fight against the virus said, on condition of anonymity as he is not a spokesperson for the ministry.

He said that the focus now has shifted to seeking our returned from Thailand and identifying those who have symptoms or those who had come in contact with infected persons or previously quarantined people.

He added that there is no guarantee that a person who tested negative will not be able to contract Coronavirus if they do not practice social distancing, personal hygiene as well as ensure that those around them did the same.

All over the world, even recovered patients have been tested positive again because of a lack of care for personal hygiene and failing to observe self isolation.

“The three consecutive days of no new cases could be the lull before the story as the average of 100 tested a day includes tests on recovered patients,” he observed.

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