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4 books to help your mental health during a quarantine

Som Kanika / Khmer Times Share:

In both a national and international effort to curb the spread of the potentially deadly COVID-19, everybody has been advised, if possible, to quarantine themselves by staying home and maintain social distancing.

For some the advice to stay away from others and spend all day and night at home, may leave them struggling with their mental health.

So, rather than do nothing we suggest this is the perfect opportunity to run a mini mental health book marathon, with four of our most recommended books and poetry to help you during your self-isolation:

Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins

If you think your current life is difficult and possibly too uninspired to go on, read this book! Because this book will get through any battles you’re facing.

In this book, David Goggins gets through a childhood of poverty, prejudice, and physical abuse as these nightmares haunt his days and nights. However, through hard-working, self-discipline and mental toughness, Goggins is able to transform himself from a depressed, overweight young man with no future, into a US Armed Forces icon and become one of the world’s top endurance athletes. He then goes on to set records in numerous endurance events and is the only man in American military history to complete elite training as a Navy SEAL, Army Ranger, and Air Force Tactical Air Controller.

Sea of Strangers by Lang Leav

Dealing with love and loss, this collection of poems written by Lang Leav will let you go beyond your desires and desperation. Lang Leav’s collection explores themes of self-discovery and empowers women to be stronger after a broken heart. While also inspiring girls to take care of their mental health as the book navigates the human experience.

When you reach a point and you feel so overwhelmed by life itself and may find it hard to say the right words to express your emotions, Lang Leav’s book finds those words and allows the reader to use them in their own life.

Helium by Francisco

Francisco poetry is so light, it makes you feel like you’re being brought into another world, a world where everything is neither black nor white, neither fragrant nor foul, neither better nor worse. It makes you feel that there’s only you and the thin air, and the peace this brings to your soul.

Each page of Helium gives readers a range of emotions. But more than anything, Francisco’s poetic knack brings comfort to the troubled, as if his poetry is the kind of peace we’ve all been looking for our whole lives.

The Sun and Her Flower by Rupi Kaur.

It is a ray of sunshine that gives flowers hope again. The Sun and Her Flowers is the second collection of poetry that is so packed with metaphors, comparison and strong imagery that it will give you a glimpse into the process of dying and being reborn again as a flower.

Rupi Kaur, a household name among literary enthusiasts, is a 26-year-old Indian-born Canadian poet, writer, illustrator, and performer. This is her second collection of poetry, with her first one being Milk and Honey with both of these collections being bestsellers and receiving numerous praises. Rupi Kaur is known for skillfully using her talent in poetry to touch people’s hearts worldwide.

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