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Several ministers and officials pledge to donate salaries to fight coronavirus

Taing Rinith / Khmer Times Share:
Chea Sophara, Minister of Land Management, will donate seven months salary to help the Kingdom fight the virus. KT/Chor Sokunthear

Several ministers and senior government officials have pledged to donate their salaries towards the Kingdom’s fight against COVID-19, taking the cue from Prime Minister Hun Sen who has said he is donating seven months’ salary for the cause.

In letters addressed to the Health and Finance ministers, Land Management Minister Chea Sophara said yesterday he will donate seven months’ of his salary towards efforts to prevent and contain the virus spread.

“In order to join hands with the Government in fighting the spread of COVID-19, which is now in a serious situation, I would like to give seven months of my salary, from March to September 2020 to the National Committee for Combating COVID-19,” Mr Sophara said in his letters.

Defence Minister Mr Tea Banh said he will do the same in a letter obtained by Khmer Times yesterday.

Meanwhile Environment Minister Say Samali is donating six months’ salary, according to ministry spokesman Neth Pheaktra.

Mr Pheaktra added 30 other senior officials in his ministry, from secretaries of state to advisors, will also offer between one and six months’ of their salaries to contribute to the cause.

“I myself am donating three months of my salary,” he said. “We are doing our part to contribute towards fighting the coronavirus and we hope Cambodia will get rid of it soon.

Newly-appointed Public Service Minister Prum Sokha said yesterday he will donate six months’ salary to the National Committee for Combating COVID-19 in addition to his recent donation of $10,000.

“All of us have to sacrifice to fight this virus to help the Royal Government get rid of the coronavirus,” he said.

Many other goverment ministers, including the Health, Posts and Telecommunications, Justice, Rural Development, Commerce, Planning and Labour and several military generals have also announced they will give between five and seven months of their salaries and more are expected to do the same.

This move came after the announcement by Prime Minister Hun Sen on Wednesday that he will donate his salary, which is about 10 million riels [$2,500] per month over the next seven months to fight COVID-19, which has shown “no signs of abating” and by this week has seen over a hundred cases in the Kingdom.

According to the Ministry of Public Services, the monthly salary of a minister is about five million riels [around $1,250].

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