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Prestige Hospital promises new era of medical care in Cambodia

Taing Rinith / Khmer Times Share:
TPH’s multinational doctors, nurses and specialists posing together at the launching yesterday.

A new player joined the Kingdom’s hospital market yesterday in a bid to boost confidence in the country’s medical capabilities and change the mindset of Cambodians who prefer to go overseas when seeking medical checkups and treatment.

The Prestige Hospital yesterday opened its doors in the capital with the promise of providing international standard of care and treatment to the public.

Speaking in a press conference, Prestige Hospital CEO Dr Christopher Tay said his institution aims to be the lifetime healthcare partner of all its clients. This vision, he said, begins with the application of latest technological innovations and international standards and methodologies, combined with the compassion and empathy of its highly skilled multinational doctors.

“Our services and standards are modeled under the Singaporean healthcare approach. These will be delivered by the best doctors and nurses using the latest equipment and technology available to us,” said Dr Tay, who was also the former COO at Singapore’s Tan Tock Seng Hospital and a frontline doctor during the 2003 SARS outbreak.

Dr Ling Yee Kiang, a family physician and TPH’s Head of Family Medicine, giving a presentation about a mammogram machine.

“We are joined by many doctors and specialists from Singapore, France and the US. We intend to work closely with our Cambodian healthcare partners and the Ministry of Health to raise the already high standard of care provided here to the next level.”

With the arrival of the Prestige Hospital, Dr Tay said Cambodians would now be able to seek quality healthcare services in the Kingdom and save themselves the trouble of having to fly to other countries, such as Thailand and Singapore, to seek medical treatment.

“Our pricing model is affordable and transparent. We definitely charge below the Singaporean pricing. Our mission is to deliver cost-effective, efficient and prompt medical care to our patients,” he said.

At present, Prestige Hospital is able to conduct laboratory tests; diagnostic imaging using ultrasound, digital x-ray, CT-scan and mammogram; endoscopy; obstetric and gynecological procedures and general surgery. In the coming months, it will expand in the areas of ENT, urology, ophthalmology and so on.

TPH’s CT Scan room with an ambient atmosphere, the first of its kind in Cambodia.

While the newly opened hospital does not admit or treat any patients diagnosed with COVID-19, Dr Tay expressed their willingness to collaborate with the Health Ministry and COVID-19 designated hospitals and test centres to aid in the fight against the deadly pandemic.

“Cambodia’s Health Ministry has designated certain hospitals for COVID-19 cases so that all the infected patients can be isolated and treated there. This way, the rest of the hospitals can focus on other patients, such as an expecting mother.”

Dr Ling Yee Kiang, a family physician and the hospital’s Head of Family Medicine, said although opening a hospital amid the coronavirus outbreak poses many difficulties, he is willing to overcome these challenges and help the Kingdom rise from the health crisis.

“I’ve worked in many countries before but Cambodia presents plenty of opportunities waiting to be explored,” said Dr Yee Kiang. “I would like to contribute to the local community by doing my utmost in my profession and helping my Cambodian colleagues hone their skills. While here, I’d like to get to know the locals and their culture.”

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