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What you should do during a self-quarantine

Va Sonyka / Khmer Times Share:

On March 16, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport declared the temporary closure of all schools across the Kingdom, in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19 in Cambodia. In response, the ministry has informed students to practice online learning while self-isolating at home.

However, what else is there to do once your studies are done. Here are some productive activities to improve yourself in-home quarantine.

Reading: Self-isolation has allowed people to have more time for themselves, so during your self-quarantine at home and while waiting for COVID-19 to disappear, you can feed your thoughts through practicing your reading. Today, you can get your favourite hardcover books at your fingertips by ordering online. In addition, you can also download thousands of books from an international website like Project Gutenberg for free.

Blogging: Blogging does not only improve your writing skills but also your critical thinking and creativity. A blog to attract readers should be contained with sufficient and interesting information that readers find hard to get somewhere else. Meaning that you will have to use your critical thinking skills to find interesting and unique content for your blog. Blogging will also push you to be more creative and think of new and different ways to create content.

Producing educational videos: If you are thinking about ways to share your knowledge during the virus outbreak, then a video camera should become your favourite friend. Video has proved an extremely popular way to spread information to people through the various platforms of social media. From entertainment to educational news, like blogging, interesting and unique information is the key to attracting viewers.

Learning new skills: Time is the most valuable thing that we can spend. Therefore, don’t waste your time doing nothing. There are many skills that you can learn from home during quarantine such as coding, designing, painting, and so on. In addition, you can also learn some survival skills such as cooking, sewing, cleaning, and other do-it-yourself skills that may benefit your daily life during and after your quarantine.

Gardening: Did you know? Gardening is a great stress-killing activity that everyone should experience. Watching your plants grow and develop is one of the great joys for any keen gardener. For the first time gardener, we recommend you begin with researching ways to maintain and develop a garden of your own. So hopefully once this virus is gone you can a lovely garden to show for it.

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