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Smart Axiata encourages social distancing by using self-service options and digital channels

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As numerous organisations activate work-from-home policies and education institutions move to online learning because of  COVID-19, Smart Axiata is playing an active role in encouraging social distancing and supporting customers who need to stay connected on mobile internet longer, by minimising service disruptions and providing special relief.

“Many of us are struggling to get to grips with this unprecedented COVID-19 global crisis. As a responsible telco, we fully understand our customers’ need to stay connected and have made the necessary arrangements for our network to meet the increased demand as well as the change in usage behaviour. We recognise that more Cambodians are starting to socially distance themselves and be at home more to stay safe; that is why we decided to provide more mobile internet data to all our customers,” said Thomas Hundt, chief executive officer of Smart Axiata.

From now until April 19, Smart customers will receive the following: Smart prepaid customers: one gigabyte (GB) of free data with every top up of $1 to $1.24 USD (valid for three days);  two GB of data with every top up of $1.25 to $4.99 USD (valid for 7 days); five GB of free data with every top up of $5 to $9.99 (valid for 14 days); 10 GB of free data with every top up of $10 USD or more (valid for 30 days). In addition, Smart @Home customers will have their monthly Fair Usage Policy upgraded up to 2,000GB and Smart Enterprise customers will additionally receive up to 10GB per month free in March and April.

“While we continue to explore other ways to make lives better during this challenging time, we appeal to all our customers to utilise the mobile internet responsibly so that network resources are efficiently used. We also strongly encourage all customers to utilise our digital channels and self-service options such as the SmartNas mobile app, e-top ups, live chats,and customer care hotline (888) as an alternative to face-to-face customer support,” added Stjepan Udovicic, chief marketing officer of Smart Axiata.

To minimise the COVID-19 impact on its business operations, Smart has activated its company-wide business continuity management plan that covers measures at Smart Shops nationwide and for all employees at its headquarters as well as other offices. This includes mandatory temperature checks and improved cleaning procedures, requiring all frontline employees to wear masks, working from home where possible, postponing company events as well as encouraging online meetings with external parties.

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