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National Commission for combatting Covid-19 established

A deadly unseen enemy needs an equally determined eliminator.

Cambodia has established a National Commission for Combatting Covid-19, according to the decision cited on Wednesday.

The National Commission is headed by Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen with five deputy heads and 40 members.

The National Commission has the responsibility to set national policies and strategies for the fight against Covid-19; lead the implementation of the strategic plan for the prevention, control and management of Covid-19; respond to issues of political, economic and social aspects at all levels.

It also has the responsibility to lead and coordinate inter-institutional measures at national and sub-national administrations.

Political observers and analysts said that the formation of the commission, although heavy with members in its composition is nevertheless necessary, given the trust deficiency in the capacity and capabilities of the Ministry of Health in tackling this pandemic.

“They were and are still living in a bubble and do not have a proper action plan to combat this virus, which from single digit, jumped t0 almost 40 within days.

“Since they (MoH) needed the Prime Minister to hand out instructions and directives, might as well as he, Samdech Hun Sen take charge and drive the battle against COVID-19 before it becomes a major community outbreak pandemic,” they said.

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