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5 bloggers you should be reading

Va Sonyka / Khmer Times Share:

When it comes to educating yourself, there are many resources you can use. While textbooks are great for your academic study if you want to learn about someone’s life journey and be inspired by their experiences personal blogs may be the tool for you. Below are five prominent self-publishers from different industries who are actively sharing their experiences and providing good messages in their posts too.

Thul Rithy: You may know him as a co-founder of the local laptop brand KOOMPI. The young tech entrepreneur is primarily known for his tutorials on technology, but he also runs a Q&A channel. This is a platform for him to share his thoughts on any questions from his viewers. The questions span from ideas on new businesses, the latest research, and environmentally friendly businesses too. He believes that once an idea is shared he likes to see if his viewers can make something of it.

Kon Jab Meas: If you are looking for an inspirational way to start your day, Kon Jab Meas, could be your source. Using Facebook as her platform, the motivational speaker whose real name is Set Hattha, posts simple yet reflective quotes to her followers. She has also written many inspirational books and is in the process of founding a publishing house to help local writers who need printing support. Her Facebook page can be found at @ jabmeasauthor.

GateNotes: Besides being one of the richest people in the world, Bill Gates is also a keen blogger. The Microsoft founder blogs about book reviews and other education-related topics. His reviews are a great way to find potential books for your reading list and learn from the tech pioneers life experiences. Inspiring and educating followers of his blog on ways they too can be inspired in their daily life.

Peter Diamandis: A well-known American engineer, innovator and author. The active blogger usually shares his research and opinions on the technology industry, focusing predominately on the future of the sector. His monthly posts are in-depth but are written using simple language to be easily understood by a wide audience.

Lexielimitless: There are many women bloggers who share their life experiences on the internet, but one of the best is Lexie Alford. The avid traveller who holds the impressive title of the youngest person to travel to every country in the world also blogs about her tips and tricks for women travelling solo. Her blog is a great spot to get inspired on your next exotic destination and find ways to push yourself of your comfort zone and see the world.

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