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Smart Parents Use Smart Apps

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Many stories swirl about the harmful effects that a mobile phone’s electromagnetic field can have on both the reproduction health of humans and on their eventual offspring. Infertility, harming the unborn baby and stunting the baby’s neurodevelopment are just a few, yet, scientific research has proved that all of these are nothing but myths. Which is good news if you’re keen to download these pregnancy apps, just like my eight-month pregnant wife and me. They’re brilliant for inexperienced parents-to-be and are available for free on both App Store and Play Store.



This is a smartphone app that every parent-to-be should have. In fact, it has been downloaded 30 million times already! The pregnancy tracker app has a wide range of features, including an interactive 3D-model showing the foetus’s development which comes with a baby size visualiser, week-by-week guide, pregnancy calendar, due-date calculator and so on. It also provides expert advice and daily articles that the mother-to-be can use to take better care of her health and that of the unborn baby. Another unique feature is that you can personalise your account so that your partners, friends and family members, especially the future grandparents, can all track your baby’s development, too.

Full Term (Contraction Timer)

Accurately timing contractions can be the key to understanding your pregnant body. To do it, you have to note the start of one contraction, note the end of that contraction, and then note the start of the next contraction. It may sound difficult, but Full Term can make it easy for you. Simply tap one button to track the beginning and end of each contraction and the app will monitor times, durations, and frequency during your entire labour. The app also includes a kick counter, pregnancy reference section and weight tracker.

Pregnancy Exercise and Workout at Home (for android devices)/Baby2Body (for iOS devices)

With one of these two apps, staying strong and healthy is made easy. Pregnancy Exercise and Workout at Home offers insightful information on pregnancy exercises suitable for each day, week and month. It boasts high-quality animation, pictures and descriptions which make it easy to follow. Meanwhile, Baby2Body is designed to turn your iPhone into your pre- and post-natal fitness and wellbeing coach. With the right level of commitment you can stay fit, eat well, and live more mindfully during your pregnancy and beyond. This app can also help you find pregnancy workouts that fit your pregnancy stage and goals, nutrition guidance and recipes, wellbeing coaching and podcasts and exercises for breathing and to strengthen the pelvic floor.


Baby Name

It is not unusual for many Cambodian parents to still be arguing over the baby’s name even when it’s time to sign the infant’s birth certificate. When the pregnancy enters its third trimester, the baby’s sex can be confirmed, which, according to a survey by Babycentre.com makes the last three months the most popular time to decide on the little one’s name.

Baby Name can help you find a good name for your baby, reducing any tension over disagreements! Featuring a comprehensive list of beautiful names for boy and girl, as well as the meaning behind each of them, the app also tells you how popular it has been by the year. In fact, thanks to this app, we have already chosen the perfect name for my baby girl: Athena, after the Greek goddess of wisdom.

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