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5 tips and tricks to inspire more reading

Va Sonyka / Khmer Times Share:

Reading is on the best ways to gain knowledge quickly, effectively and quietly. Hence, it is vital that everybody, but especially students, learn to boost their reading habits. To do this, good readers have learnt many tips and tricks to inspire themselves to read more.

Va Sonyka has selected and explained her top five tips and tricks that will turn the ordinary reader into the number one bookworm:

Set an intention: It is very important to set your intentions before you start reading a book, as this will allow you to concentrate on what is important and boost your speed. You should ask yourself questions like, what you want to get from your reading. Then, give yourself an assignment on the text so can fully absorb the knowledge you are studying. Doing this will push you to read more and never get bored with books.

Choose the right book: Reading too many random books can sometimes make you feel lost, this will eventually result in a loss of motivation and cause many readers to reduce their reading or stop entirely. To fix this, you should always check that the books you are reading match your set intentions before you pick a book from the store.

Prepare your notes: Taking notes when reading is not a sign that you underestimate your memory skills as even a genius will benefit from taking notes on the material they read. This is the reason that you should always be prepared with a notebook by your side when reading, so you take note of every important quote from the book quickly and effectively.

Read the review: A good or bad review can give you an idea for whether you really should read a book. For many bookworms this a necessity to do before they choose a book to read. This is because you can get an idea from a review if a book relates back to your original intention and saves you from becoming disappointed after you start. To get a book review, you can go online and search for the title of each book you are looking for.

Set up a cosy reading space: A convenient place will allow you to read for long hours without getting tired. Many readers find it hard to concentrate on their reading because of distractions while some readers can only focus on reading when it completely quiet. To make your reading more enjoyable, you should set some spare space in your room, put in a reading table and chair, set up a reading light and of course adding some nice furnishings

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