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First annual event held to promote more female writers

Srey Kumneth / Khmer Times Share:
The 11 female panel discussion held by Creator, at Paragon University. YT/Srey Kumneth

Held on Saturday the local publishing house, Creator, organised their first event, entitled “Pakar Neary” (the pen for women) in conjunction with International Women’s Day. The event was held at Paragon University, with female writers gathering with the aim for readers to meet their favourite female writers and to call upon more women in the industry.

Khut Sokhoeun, managing director at Creator, said that 11 female writers were invited to share their perspective on writing at the event.

“The reason we want more female writers is because we want to have writers write about their life journey as a woman and the hurdles they face in life. Also, we want to hear more about women’s problem that other people don’t see as a matter,” said Sokhoeun.

“We believe that when writers work together, they can share their writing experiences, find ways to empower women and educate the younger generation,” said Sokhoeun.

Sokhoeun continued that Creator sees that there is great potential for female writers and believes that they are capable of creating positive changes in society.

“When we educate writers they will have the power to educate others by illustrating real situations in our society into their book. This was readers can learn from the author’s experiences,” he said.

The event provided an opportunity to both authors and readers to share questions and answers on how to write books.

Neang Sotheary, author, filmmaker and managing director of Script Lab, was also a guest speaker at the event said that there are many techniques in writing that a new writer and writer-to-be needs to learn. However, to become a great writer, they have to start with a simple step which is writing whatever they want.

“If they want to start writing a book, the first thing that they should do is think about what they want to write and start writing without any fear whether it is right or wrong,” said Sotheary.

Creator was established in 2018 and revealed that starting from this year, Creator will organise such an event every year to promote more female writers in the Kingdom.

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