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$2 million grant to aid Kingdom’s labour relations and dispute resolution

Taing Vida / Khmer Times Share:
Swedish Embassy Development Cooperation Head Samuel Hurtig, left, and ACF executive director Men Nimmith sign the documents on Thursday. Swedish Embassy

The USAID and the Swedish Embassy today donated more than $2 million to the Arbitration Council Foundation to further enhance the Kingdom’s labour relations and dispute resolution services.


A new five-year $1.5 million grant was provided by the USAID as part of its new Labour Rights in Cambodia project, while a two-year $530,000 fund was given by the Embassy of Sweden to promote credible and well-functioning labour dispute arbitration system in the Kingdom.


Speaking at the signing ceremony today, ACF executive director Men Nimmith said these funds will further increase effectiveness of labour relations systems and labour market governance for private sectors in Cambodia.


As of last year, the ACF had handled 2, 882 cases affecting over 1.11 million workers in the industrial and service sectors across the Kingdom, revealed Mr Nimmith. Of these, 75 percent had been resolved successfully.


USAID-Cambodia Acting Deputy Mission Director Javier Castano today said it is crucial to maintain a system by which collective disputes can be adjudicated and peacefully resolved by an entity that workers and employers deem neutral and impartial.


“That’s why we have chosen to support the pivotal role the ACF plays in building an environment of confidence for workers, employers and investors, a system which establishes a level playing field for all stakeholders,” he said.

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