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BIMA and Smart Axiata announces enhanced insurance coverage for Smart Life Insurance

Poovenraj Kanagaraj / Khmer Times Share:
BIMA and Smart Axiata announced enhanced insurance coverage. BIMA

Mobile-delivered health and insurance products service provider BIMA and telecommunications operator Smart Axiata announced an enhanced insurance cover for Smart Life Insurance customers from April 1 onwards.

Customers will now be able to file for claims of up to $ 5,000 with this upgraded plan.

Customers under the Smart Life Insurance will be paying between $1.60 to $2.40 per month for cover of up to $5,000 and $10 per night for up to 32 nights of hospitalisation under Smart Hospital Insurance.

“Previously lower-income families in Cambodia have not been able to access mainstream commercial and social insurance schemes.

“At BIMA, we are working every day to increase the effectiveness of our products so that we can successfully remove their vulnerabilities and accompany them towards becoming the middle class of tomorrow,” Said Kim Tol Am, CEO of BIMA Insurance.

She explained that the specific insurance protection needs of this emerging middle-class have required the company  to upgrade its product offerings and provide enhanced cover.

Kim added, “Since 2014 our partnership with Smart Axiata has helped us reach more than 1 million Cambodians with life, hospital and health insurances. Through continued innovation and partnership-building efforts, we expect to be able to scale up and at the same time provide valuable risk-management services to the underserved.”

Smart Axiata, chief marketing officer, Stjepan Udovicic said that Smart will continue to find new ways to enhance their customers’ lifestyles through diverse value-added services and innovative propositions such as Smart Insurance.

“With BIMA, we hope to expand the reach of life and hospital microinsurance through simplified processes and cashless modes of payment. By leveraging Smart’s strong consumer brand, we also aim to raise public awareness of the benefits of having insurance and promoting the expansion of microinsurance distribution channels,” he further added.

The on-going partnership between BIMA and Smart Axiata allows many more customers to avail of these vital services than previously possible.

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