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Factory Phnom Penh hosts the inspiration library

Srey Kumneth / Khmer Times Share:
Women exchanging their books. KT/Srey Kumneth

Factory Phnom Penh officially opened a new library  to welcome those who  loved to read, storytelling and oither inspirational topics..

“The Inspiration Library” has had many changes over the last few months and it is finally ready to showcase and give young readers an opportunity to browse through virtual  and physical books.

Everyone is now welcome to the library to read their favourite books. People can also  exchange books once a month.

The  library is  open from Monday to Friday  at no cost to visitors  and everyone can borrow a book to read at home if they are become a member.  To register as a member,  they need to fork out a mere 10,000 riel per year.

Readers in the Inspiration Library at Factory Phnom Penh. KT/ Srey Kumneth
Women exchanging their books. KT/Srey Kumneth
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