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As Cambodia’s novel coronavirus man gets discharged, unanswered questions remain

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A medical worker tests novel coronavirus samples at the Fire Eye lab in Wuhan, Hubei province, on Feb 6, 2020. The new virus detection lab was put into use. Does Cambodia have these? China Daily

A Chinese man infected with the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in Preah Sihanouk province was discharged from the provincial referral hospital this morning after being hospitalised for two weeks.

Ministry of Health’s Spokesperson Ly Sovann told AKP that the 60-year old man – Jia Jianhua – was discharged from hospital in the morning of Feb. 10 after receiving thorough treatment and being tested negative for the 2019-nCov thrice by the Pasteur Institute of Cambodia.

However, medical practitioners are puzzled on several aspects of the case such as the methods of treatment used, was it symptomatic treatment or a combination anti retro viral HIV drugs like Thailand or did they have specific treatments which they should share with the medical fraternity and the world.

In addition, they are also wondering whether Cambodia had test kits to test the novel coronavirus pathogen and if so, what were the markers used or did the doctors conclude that the patient had coronavirus based on his symptoms, which were more of acute pneumonia?

“Cambodia should share with the world its treatment method as it is a great thing for Cambodia and indeed Thailand to have cured victims. However, while Thailand had announced to the world how it treated its patients, Cambodia did not and she should,” a private medical practitioner said.

In addition, how many suspected cases or people who had been in contact with the patient, such as hotel and airport staff, had been quarantined? Have all of them been released? These are questions which must be answered.

“ One has to learn from the Singapore and French cases where cluster outbreak have been detected and this, if were to happen in Cambodia, would be a major health concern in the country as there are doubts whether Cambodia has test kits, enough of it, if it has, and the capacity to treat patients if there were several new cases at the same time.

The World Health Organisation had specifically recommended against a travel ban, yet many countries and regions are practising exactly that.

Kudos to Cambodia for not following this. However, the lax health screening at all three airports is a disaster waiting to happen, a foreign doctor who practices in Cambodia said. He had returned to Cambodia over the weekend and called Khmer Times to speak about the almost non existent screening or health personnel at the Phnom Penh International Airport.

He said that the equipment was there but no monitoring was done and though a lot of passengers were wearing masks, this did not ensure that there were no carriers.

Khmer Times sought answers to this in Sihanoukville but did not get any.

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