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Japanese magazine to continue tempting investors

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CBP chief editor Takanori Narumi, speaks to his clients during an event in Phnom Penh on Friday. KT/ Ben Sokhean

The chief editor of the Japanese-language magazine Cambodia Business Partners on Friday expressed his publication’s ability and readiness in providing news and updates to Japanese investors.

“The first time we published our magazine, we wanted to share business information,” editor-in-chief Takanori Narumi told clients during a party on Friday in Phnom Penh. “Back then, there was not so much information about Cambodia’s business situation – and also there were so many Japanese investors coming to Cambodia.”

“However at that moment, we believed that we should not only give Japanese investors information about Cambodia’s business situation but also networking and truth.”

Mr Takanori then praised cooperation between Cambodian businesspeople and Japanese investors in the Kingdom.

“In recent years, I have found out and noted the success of foreign enterprises. Cooperation [with foreigners] has always been very good because of networking and connection with bright Cambodians,” he said. “We’re always thinking about what we should do for Japanese investors so they will be successful in Cambodia.”

“We will try our best to continue improving […] so that we are going to be indispensable for Japanese investors who are coming to Cambodia and starting a business,” Mr Takanori added. “We will also help continue to grow their business here.”

CBP issued its first edition in 2014 and it publishes twice per year, free of charge.

The magazine contains information on business developments in the Kingdom.

Issues are circulated nationwide, but approximately 8,000 per year are circulated in Japan and other countries to Japanese investors considering investing in Cambodia.

The Council for Development of Cambodia in a recent report said it registered 137 Japanese business projects worth $2.5 billion from 1994 to the first quarter of last year.

It said most of the projects involved energy, electronic component assembly, auto spare parts, agriculture, food processing, hospitality, health and retail.

The council said there are 1,700 Japanese businesses in the Kingdom.

Tep Mara, CEO of Niisaii-Business Broker, said CBP is a source for truthful reporting.

Ms Mara said this brings more Japanese investors to come and do business in the Kingdom.

CBP focuses on business launches, innovation and outstanding entrepreneurs,” she commented. “These are good subjects that make investors want to look for investment opportunities in Cambodia.”

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