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Leang Seckon’s new exhibition takes flight

Lim Sonalis / Khmer Times Share:

The contemporary art scene continues to grow in the Kingdom, through various mediums, such as dancing, photography, installations and sculpture. And Leang Seckon, a renowned Cambodian contemporary artist who has shown his work around the globe, has opened a one-month exhibition at Meta House, Phnom Penh’s celebrated arts hub.

Called ‘Growing Wing’, seven paintings, two sculptures, five original songs, an installation and performances are included in the exhibition. Each of the paintings are linked to Seckon’s original songs.

A performance in Leang Seckon original song called “Phnom Kulen”. Supplied

The exhibition follows on from the artist’s previous work, ‘Hell On Earth’, which concentrated on the  dark period when the Khmer Rouge dominated the Kingdom. Explaining the philosophy behind ‘Growing Wing’, Seckon told Youth Times: “It isn’t literal – so it doesn’t mean that a person has wings – it is a philosophy. It refers to education, broad knowledge, freedom in the way of thinking and travelling of our own. My inspiration came from a visit to Ice Mountain in Colorado, in the United States. On the peak of the mountain, I could see everything below, a feeling that was close to flying.”

The ‘paintings’ were made from materials – sewn on by hand by Seckon – including cow leather and the elaborate fabric used for the costumes worn in Khmer classical dance performances. One installation piece, ‘The Buffalo Boy King Growing Wing’ reflects the artist’s life. Seckon explains: “Through my devotion to art and knowledge, I am able to grow wings.”

The show also features Seckon performing one of his songs and keeping it in the family, his niece also sings another of the songs, called “Phnom Kulen”.

The exhibition will run from 30 Jan-30 Feb 2020 at Meta House. For more information, visit meta-house.com.


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