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Sar Kheng reminds police officers to perform duties professionally

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Minister of Interior Sar Kheng speaks to his senior police officers to perform duties professionally. Facebook

Interior Minister Sar Kheng has reiterated his order for all police officers to strengthen their professionalism, serve the public without discrimination and avoid practicing nepotism.

Speaking at the handover ceremony of vehicles to all provincial and municipal police departments yesterday, Mr Kheng said all police officers must implement the law responsibly and with accountability, adding that those who violate the law should not be protected due to personal relationships.

“As a police officer, we must perform our duties professionally and ethically,” he said. “We must serve the nation by treating people equally. The law applies to all offenders, whether or not they are relatives, and there should not be any discrimination.”

Mr Kheng also said any police officer who fails to act professionally or engages in nepotism must be held responsible.

“It’s an illegal act for police officers to assist or intervene on behalf of their relatives who violate the law,” he said. “Police officers can help their relatives via legal solutions such as hiring a lawyer to defend them in court.”

Mr Kheng also warned heads of all units under the Interior Ministry to keep tabs on whether subordinates are performing their duties professionally and ethically.

Phnom Penh municipal police chief Lieutenant General Sar Thet said yesterday he regularly reminds officers under his command to be well-mannered and perform their duties diligently.

“All police officers are regularly educated on how to implement the laws accurately and strictly. They must not take bribes or ask citizens for money,” he said. “In particular, police officers must not intervene or help their relatives when it comes to traffic accidents to ensure transparency.”

Him Yun, director of the Coalition for Integrity and Social Accountability, yesterday commended Mr Kheng’s order but noted some police officers follow his instructions for only a short time.

“There should be a monitoring group that can conduct regular checks to ensure that police officers respect their professionalism and serve people equally,” he said. “Those who disrespect their roles should be disciplined or punished.”

National Police chief General Neth Savoeun said yesterday police officers last year made great achievements in combating crime in the Kingdom.

“Some police officers are now being trained to better grasp technology to improve their skills to carry out their duties efficiently,” he said.

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