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8 million tons of wet season rice production reported in 2019

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A truck unloads paddy rice. KT/Chor Sokunthea

Some 7.9 million tons of wet season paddy rice were harvested in 2019 while the milled rice export was reported at 620,106 tons, registering a  year-on-year decrease of about 1 percent.

Reports the from Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries revealed that as of December last year, paddy rice was cultivated on an area of 2.5 million hectares with an average yield of 3.1 tons per hectare.

Cambodia’s milled rice were shipped to 59 countries by 89 rice-exporting companies last year.

China is the Kingdom’s biggest rice market purchasing 248,105 tons, followed by France and Gabon with 81,905 tons and 36,663 tons, respectively.  Though the quota to China is 400,000 tons for 2019, exports fell way below target for the second consecutive year.

The dry season rice production, the report stated, were achieved at 528,136 hectares, equal to 114 percent of the yearly target.

Cambodia produced 7.4 million tonnes of paddy rice in 2018, a 3.5 percent increase. Total production in 2018 was only 88.47 percent of what the government expected, adding that 2.4 million hectares were harvested out of 2.7 million hectares of available agricultural land.

On average, each hectare produced 3.07 tonnes of rice, the report says, noting that in 2006 the average yield was only 2.6 tonnes.

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