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Remembering the Goddess of Flower

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Master, Yun Long Zi is the 6th generation of Feng Shui Master in Singapore. Supplied

Last year on January 8, the Royal Palace was filled with merriment as a troupe of Apsara Goddess Ballet performed gracefully to mark the birthday celebration of the Goddess of Flower, Princess Norodom Buppha Devi.

This year, the Apsara Goddess Ballet still resumed the tradition but with pure melancholy as the Kingdom mourns the death of Princess Norodom Buppha Devi.

The Goddess of Flower’s passing not only saddened the whole nation but it also disheartened her old friend, Yun Long Zi, the 6th generation of Feng Shui Master in Singapore, who had always profoundly adored her.

Flying all the way from the Lion City, Master Yun came to Cambodia to host a commemoration dinner together with the royal family last Wednesday at Raffles Hotel Le Royal, to honour the life and legacy of his beloved friend – the late Princess Norodom Buppha Devi – who left the world at the age of 76.

Flying from the Lion City, Master Yun came to Cambodia to host a commemoration dinner together with the royal family last Wednesday at Raffles Hotel. Supplied

At the event, Master Yun revealed his personal story on how he came to meet the Goddess of Flower and how he got learn about Cambodia’s cultural heritage, especially the Apsara Ballet Dance.

Three years ago, Master Yun visited Cambodia for the first time where he met with the late Princess, whom he describes as an Angel. His strong bond with her taught him a lot about her beloved Kingdom.

“In those three years, the Angel opened my eyes to the brilliance of the Angkor heritage, the beauty of the Royal Ballet and the pleasantness of the Khmer people. This Angel spoke little English and no Chinese. She spoke to me through her actions, her kisses and mainly, through the gaze of her eyes,” Master Yun Long Zi said.

Master Yun also added that: “The relationship between Princess Buppha Devi and I begin with our passion and love for art, culture and humanity, but it did not end there. I was also honored to be invited to have lunch at her home and personally she cooked for my friends and I, and we ate together with her family”.

Despite the fact that the late Princess spoke very little English and Master Yun is a Singaporean who speaks Chinese.

Their differences in languages did not come as a barrier in their everlasting friendship.

“I believe she was telling me about her love for Khmer art and Khmer people and they would never leave even if her physical body does. I believe she was telling me that the love and relationship between Cambodia and Singapore and the rest of the world shall never cease,” said Master Yun, who is also the founder of Lotus on Water Galleries.

During the commemoration dinner, a troupe of Apsara Goddess Ballet made everyone in the hall lost in the whirlwind of emotion while remembering of the legacy that the Princess left behind.

“Through her actions, she made me realise her immense love for the Khmer arts, heritage and culture and, no doubt, her Khmer people. She also showed me, through the generosity of her actions, her love of the arts, heritage and culture of the people from foreign lands,” he added.

Master Yun, also express his gratitude to all members of the royal family and guests who were present.

“Today I am glad and honored, even though with a bit of sadness because of her untimely passing, to fulfill the promise I made to Her Royal Highness, not as a birthday celebration but rather as a commemoration of her Life and Legacy,” he said.

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