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China Helps Combat Landmines

Ban Sokrith / Khmer Times Share:

China has donated office equipment to efforts to clear landmines in Cambodia and throughout ASEAN – a massive task that will take at least another decade and another $400 million in Cambodia alone.
The latest Chinese donation will help the Cambodian Mines Action and Victim Assistance Authority CMAA) and the newly created ASEAN Regional Mines Action Center.
At a ceremony marking the handover of the equipment, ambassador Bu Jianguo told Foreign Minister Hor Namhomg China would always stand by Cambodia as a “brother.”
“China will support Cambodia with mines clearance equipment and share our experience as well as technical support,” she said.

The new ASEAN mines centre will also help Laos, Myanmar and the Philippines, which have major problems with landmines from decades of conflict.
The CMAA’s Prak Sokhon said that between 1979 and 2015, more than 64,500 people had been killed or injured by landmines in Cambodia.

He said it would take roughly another decade and $400 million more in funding to resolve the problem, which has a major social and economic cost.

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