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Ancient vases handed over to Apsara Authority

Mom Kunthear / Khmer Times Share:
One villager who handed a vase claims the artefact was haunted. Apsara Authority

Villagers in Siem Reap province on Wednesday handed over two ancient pieces of pottery they had unearthed while clearing land for cultivation in 2011 and last year to Apsara Authority.

According to a statement issued on Wednesday, two villagers decided to hand the vases to the Apsara Authority because they felt that the items were possessed with spirits.

Nga Chanthou, chief of Run Ta Ek Eco village, said that he discovered an ancient vase in 2011when his uncle was ploughing the field behind Banteay Srei temple in Banteay Srei district.

Mr Chantha said that he picked up the vase and stored in his house but later he threw it into a bunch of the bamboo trees nearby his house.

He said that since then he felt possessed by the spirit and made him sleep unwell.

“Sometimes, I heard someone speaking from outside the house, and sometimes I felt that someone knocked on the door and when I opened the door, I saw no one,” Mr Chantha said. “Because strange things happened several times, we decided to donate ancient vases to Apsara Authority because it is a safe and suitable place for ancient items.”

Orn Am, another villager, said that he found a small pot when he was clearing a piece of land in his village last year.

He kept it in his home as a sacred item for worshipping, but after he knew that it was an ancient item, he decided to give it to Apsara Authority.

One of the two potteries was measured nine centimetres by 13 centimetres and made of porcelain clay and another measured about 48 centimetre and 35 centimetre.

Sung Sreytouch, a specialist in gemstone conservation of the Apsara Authority, said that the two vases were similar to the 11th and 13th century items unearthed in Svay Loeu district years ago.

She said that experts will study the two vases to determine when they were produced.

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