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Celebrate Festive Season at Luna!

Marie Lamy / Khmer Times Share:
Outdoor garden with wall painting by famous Cambodian artist Lisa Mam. Supplied

Thanksgiving is long gone, so there is now one thing on everyone’s mind – and no surprise it is Christmas! The essence of Christmas spirit is, without a doubt, dinning, drinking and sharing.

Good food is also synonymous with   comfort! However, if you are living in  Cambodia where more than 75 percent of the  population are Buddhists, finding a “Christmas spirit” is no easy task yet, it is also not mission impossible.

Sweet and creamy Tiramisu. Supplied

Cafés, restaurants and bars are now advertising their Christmas deals and menus, and one in particular is offering an incredible amount of sumptuous food, drinks and a good time in tropical Phnom Penh. Luna restaurant has been well-known for traditional wood-fired oven pizza and Italian delicacy in Phnom Penh, so we decided to give it a try to find out if Luna could indeed be  the right place for your holiday season.

We arrived at Luna not knowing what to expect. Surprisingly enough, the entrance is enhanced with an outdoor garden, an open kitchen and a bar. A traditional Italian restaurant/pizzeria nestled within an old Khmer style villa on Street 29 and Corner of Street 6,  created a Christmas menu that indeed will surprise many. With a large variety of offerings of festive dishes ranging from traditional Italian cuisine to vegan and meat dishes on the menu, there is definitely something for both vegetarians and meat lovers at Luna.

Two courses per person and three main courses for the hungry  ones are available, ranging from $15-20 per person. Starters, main courses and dessert, with liqueurs and coffee (or digestif) included, offers a proper feast which did not disappoint us.

Ravioli di tacchino al burro” known as Turkey Ravioli is an absolute must-try. Supplied

For starter, we recommend the Salmon Carpaccio, served with thinly-sliced capers, dill sauce, some radish sprinkled here and there, along with lemon slices to enhance all the flavours.

For the main course we opted for the “Ravioli di tacchino al burro” known as Turkey Ravioli, which was suggested by a friendly waitress who saw that we were quite lost about what to have next. The Ravioli is definitely wrapped by hands and are served  on the same day they are made. A delicacy that melts in your mouth, the filling of turkey meat served with  butter, fresh sage and parmesan sauce, is simply a delicacy which will tickle the taste buds of the most fastidious food connoisseur.

Tempted to try Luna’s specialty, the traditional wood-fired oven pizza, we ordered a Margherita. Quite a sizeable portion for a single person and definitely filling. Simple yet mouth-watering, the pizza came with just enough basil, cheese and a crispy crust without being burnt – a big winner for us. The chefs put so much pride in their food you can really tell that most of the ingredients are fresh and hand-made. Our recommendation for dessert is the Tiramisu, a delicate coffee sponge cake napped with chocolate sauce and espresso ice-cream (see pic), which tastes as dreamy as it is sounds.

Salmon Carpaccio served with capers, dill sauce and lemon. Supplied

After such a copious meal, what’s better than a glass of wine? Sweet and spicy, nothing evokes the smell of Christmas more than the delicious mulled wine. Served warm with a cinnamon stick, this Christmas classic should definitely be given a try.

Arriving at Luna without knowing what to expect, through the curvy entrance pathway to spacious patio, we went back home stuffed and satisfied. This Italian-inspired- menu is ideal for entertaining a crowd during festive season. It is a simple classic, but a tasty feast in a peaceful location.


Luna Restaurant & Pizzeria is located at #6 on Street 29, Phnom Penh. It is open everyday from 11 am to 11 pm. For free delivery & bookings call on +(855) 92 798 781 /  +(855) 23 220 895

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