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Military inspections top Chinese delegation’s agenda

Khuon Narim / Khmer Times Share:
Defence Minister General Tea Banh shakes hands with Major General Jian Hong Jun. MOD

A Chinese military delegation is in the Kingdom to discuss strengthening the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces’ inspection capabilities.

China over the years has donated money and equipment to the Kingdom’s armed forces and the two countries are also working together to curb corrupt practices.

Major General Jian Hong Jun, director-general of the People’s Liberation Army’s General Inspection Unit, on Monday after a meeting with Defence Minister General Tea Banh said he wants to see the Kingdom’s armed forces improve its inspection abilities.

“I’ve come to Cambodia to develop the Kingdom’s military inspection unit,” Maj Gen Jian said. “We agreed to cooperate with the Cambodian Inspection Unit to push for more cooperation.”

Maj Gen Jian added Beijing considers military ties with the Kingdom vital.

“We noted that both armies have strong foundations because we have deeply collaborated in many sectors,” he said. “Relations between both armies have reached a new level, prompting us to consider our core interests.”

“China is focused on increasing relations with Cambodia,” he added. “We hope the capacity building will have fruitful results as our two armies become stronger.”

Gen Banh responded to Maj Gen Jian by saying inspection units play an important role in military affairs.

“Cambodia and China have reached comprehensive cooperation, including in the armed forces,” he said.

He then said some countries are disrupting the Kingdom amid stronger relations with China by accusing Cambodia of hampering democracy and violating human rights.

Gen Banh said those countries consider ties with China as a threat.

“Some are jealous of Cambodia and China becoming stronger,” he said. “We have affirmed again and again that Cambodia needs to maintain peace.”

“Cooperation between Cambodia and China is important,” Gen Banh added. “What we do with China is to maintain peace in our country for our people.”

Kin Phea, director-general of the International Relations Institute of Royal Academy of Cambodia, yesterday said both countries rely on its armed forces to secure peace.

“Cambodia and China cooperation has reached high levels. We have seen military exercises and exchanges of visits by top leaders,” Mr Phea said. “These are signs of stronger relations.”

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