Double Homicide Shocks Kampot

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Kampot City residents have reacted with shock to reports of a married couple being murdered while they slept at home last weekend. 

The couple, named by police as 52-year-old In Thouk and 56-year-old Kean Ang, was reportedly attacked as they slept in their bedroom early on Sunday morning by “multiple assailants” who killed them with blunt weapons, according to investigators. 

Military and other police swarmed the area on Sunday following the double homicide, according to local residents. 

One resident, who asked not to be named, said that Kean Ang, the husband, was swiftly transported to a hospital in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, via ambulance, where he later died of injuries sustained in the attack. 

His wife, In Thouk, died of her injuries at the scene. They were found by their son who slept elsewhere in the house. 

Kampot residents have reacted with shock at news of the crime, which they have said seems very out of character and unusual for the mostly peaceful riverside city. Senior police officers released statements this weekend suggesting that the couple, who ran a successful local wholesale business selling European beer and cigarettes, were robbed during the attack.

“This case was an act of revenge against their business, and their belongings were robbed,” said provincial police chief Mao Chammathurith, adding that the couple were beaten to death in a savage attack with a “hard object.”

Investigators say they are looking at the possibility of multiple suspects who could have reason to want revenge on the couple and hope that the families of the victims, as well as CCTV footage, will be helpful in tracking down the killers.

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