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Explore the offices of 30 startups and companies with Startup Day

Gerald Flynn / Khmer Times Share:
30 local companies will open their offices to the public this Friday as part of Startup Day. Supplied

Friday will see 30 local startups and companies open their doors to the public courtesy of Startup Day – an event gearing up to match local talents, investors and potential business partners with a range of companies.

From workshops and product demos to seminars and tours of their offices, the 30 selected companies will be putting on a whole day’s worth of events across Phnom Penh as guests are invited to choose which companies they want to see and step into their offices.

Opening the doors of offices to big names like ABA Bank, Nham 24, Smart Axiata and many more, this Friday represents an opportunity for budding tech talents and potential investors to meet in what event organiser Pisethneat Pich describes as “a celebration of the startup ecosystem.”

“Our team has been thinking about this for about a year on how to engage/empower the tech/startup ecosystem in an amazing way. We did a big city-wide engagement before called Startup Rap Cambodia where we invited 30 tech startups/companies to sing together in one song. Although, we’ve never done something like Startup Day before but we have a strong belief that it’s important for the ecosystem that’s why we initiated it” explained Mr Pich, whose efforts to build a community out of the startup ecosystem was inspired by similar events in Singapore.

“The idea was to showcase everyone involved in the startup ecosystem, not just the startups themselves but the companies and organisations that help make it happen. It’s not just a chance for people who are interested to see behind the doors of these organisations, but at the end there will be a huge party together at Samai Distillery,” Mr Pich said.

Tickets are available for free, with visitors choosing which of the events held by participating companies they want to attend, but booking online is necessary to ensure that certain events don’t sell out.

Organised by Mr Pich and his team at Startup Jungle initiative, Startup Day is an extension of their networking events designed to foster greater collaboration and skills development within the tech startup ecosystem of Cambodia.

Startup Jungle is an offshoot of Slash.co – a startup studio on a mission to build tech products that bring about social and environmental good. Headquartered in Singapore and boasting offices in Bali and Phnom Penh, the Slash.co team works with web, mobile, artificial intellegence, blockchain, cloud, microservices, middlewares, security and infrastructure, combining technology with engineering.

“We are building a Silicon Valley-style work environment, where we offer our teams high-empowerment and freedom to be at their best, supported and mentored by a warm, collaborative team – we take work-life balance seriously,” added Mr Pich.

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