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The Knight before Christmas

Poovenraj Kanagaraj / Khmer Times Share:
Vanessa Hudgens and Josh Whitehouse star as Brooke and Sir Cole. Netflix

VANESSA Hudgens , a familiar face in Netflix’s Hallmark-ish Christmas movies is back again, this time leading the way in ‘The Knight before Christmas’.

While most would consider direct to home Christmas movies are particularly cringy, she has succeeded in staring in probably the worst one ever.

Hudgens stars as a Brooke Winters who comes across a knight who gets sent to the future by a witch, ‘The Crone’ to realise it takes more than just hunting in the woods to be a tur knight.

Of course for the first half of the movie, Hudgens assumes that the knight was in a Christmas play initially and eventually thinks he is a delusional man who thinks he is (acting out as) a knight. She then goes on to bring him home (because why not right, it’s completely safe to take home a stranger and live with him in 2019).

While Christmas movies tend to revolve around cheesy lines, The Knight before Christmas overdoes it in every instance.

The knight, Sir Cole, fiddles with everything modern, for instance the television, the fridge and his scene with Amazon Alexa was particularly appalling.

We get it, the knight from the past is supposed to be of awe and fearful of modern technology, however he grasps modern phrases throughout the movie instantly and even manages to get a hold of driving a car for the first time.

The Knight before Christmas isn’t going to cheer your Christmas mood. Netflix

Characters often pop out randomly throughout the movie, and this includes the pet dog that we never see during the first half of the movie. The guesthouse that Sir Cole resides in is already decorated with Christmas decorations, thus raising suspicion that someone else has been living there all along despite no signs of a previous resident.

While one would think that Christmas movies are meant to have a clear and direct plot, this one successfully fails in that department as well. Sir Cole’s journey to the future was solely to fall in love with Brooke and there was no further explanation as to why it was Sir Cole particularly and why falling in love instantly within a couple of weeks would make him a better knight.

There are scenes in the movie where Netflix Christmas movies would just instantly come up on the TV showcasing that Netflix could hardly be bothered by the not-so-subtle product placement.

The end of the movie leaves space for a terrifying sequel as the Crone continues her aim of sending people on a time-travel craze.

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