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An evening with Cambodian Startup, Bloo and Cambodian Association of Finance and Technology Founders

Poovenraj Kanagaraj / Khmer Times Share:
(From left) Panelists, Chanda Pen, Remi Pell and Tomas Pokorny get together to share their thoughts on the startup sector and the progress in going cashless. KT/ Poovenraj Kanagaraj.

The American Chamber of Commerce’s ICT Committee came together with the founders of CAFT, or as they are known as the Cambodian Association of Finance and Technology for a night of demo and discussions on the progress of finance sector in the country.

The founders in the panel were Chanda Pen, the chief executive officer of Bongloy Payments PLC, Tomas Pokorny, CEO of Pipay as well as Remi Pell, Managing Director of IPay88.

The panel discussed on the startup scene in Cambodia, commending the progress the sector has made as well as on the importance of focusing on the initiatives from going cash to cashless.

The night also saw a demo from the founders of Bloo demonstrate the work their startup is involved in with the members attending the event. Bloo serves as an operating system for businesses and collaboration, a simple design that a beginner as well as for conglomerates.

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