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Ghost movie ‘The Clock’ to haunt ASEAN

Srey Kumneth / Khmer Times Share:
the ‘Clock (Spirits Awakening)’ produced by LD Picture Production, will be screened at all Cambodia cinemas and in six other countries plus China. GT2/Srey Kumneth

CAMBODIAN ghost movie ‘The Clock’ will premiere across ASEAN theatres as well in local cinemas from Nov 21, with high hopes of penetrating the international market.

After a preview of the movie at the Major Cineplex in AEON Mall, Sen Sok, on Tuesday (Nov 19), the ‘Clock (Spirits Awakening)’ produced by LD Picture Production, will be screened at all Cambodia cinemas and in six other countries plus China (only Online in Mainland China) in Asia.

Leak Lyda, owner of LD Picture Productions, said ‘The Clock’ is his first movie being “exported” to other countries. He called it a very huge opportunity for a Cambodian movie to be screened internationally.

“We showed a preview of this movie to distributors in other countries before they agreed to screen it in their oversea cinemas but not for the big screen in China as we don’t have enough budget. But we can show our movie there Online,” Mr Lyda said.

More than 10 years and around 30 movies later, LD Picture may have found its breakthrough. On this scary film, Mr Lyda said it took a year and $400,000 to produce to ensure a high quality to target the international audience.

Leak Lyda at the first day launching of ‘The Clock’ at Legend Cinema in Eden Garden last week. GT2/Srey Kumneth

“If I spend this money and hope to recoup it in Cambodia, chances are I may earn back only half. So I decided to market it to audiences in other countries and also to show that Cambodian movies can make the cut.”

He added, “Not only six countries, we are now contacting more countries to show the movie too.”

The movie is slated for screening on Nov 21 in Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei as well.

The tale of the Clock (Spirits Awakening) is spun on a spirit dwelling inside it and a little girl mistreated by her stepmother. It starts with Virak who runs a clock shop, until one fateful day when his daughter who is drawn to an ancient clock persuades him to bring it home. Virak’s family is living quite peacefully… until ‘the Awakening’ of a French woman who died broken-hearted in the 1940s. Her restless soul, concerned with victims of depression, lived on in the clock.

Life was happy until her father divorces his wife. The sad girl clings to her mother’s photo and cries on her lullaby to sleep every night. But soon, this window of depression becomes a doorway for the spirit to appear.

Once the clock finds its way into her room, the family’s life begins to turn sour with traumatic incidents. Following the discovery of a spirit emerging, Virak decides to investigate the origin of the unusual clock. To start with, the French spirit had a boyfriend who was a clock engineer. What other dark secret will Virak discover as the ghostly clock ticks away…

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