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Ministry dismisses RFA report as fake

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An EU officer hands the report over to Cambodian officials. EU

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The Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesman yesterday issued a statement to dismiss report of Radio Free Asia that said it obtained a leaked copy of EU’s report on the potential withdrawal of its Everything-but-arms (EBA) agreement.

The spokesman said in the statement that the EU’s report is treated as a confidential document, noting that the RFA has purposely provided false information with the intent to deceive the public about the European Commission’s report.

“Its reference to the terms and paragraphs presented as quotations that were supposedly taken from the said report were not accurate,” the spokesman said.

“Such false information creates unnecessary worries among the hundreds of thousands of workers involved, misleads the public and tarnishes the reputation of government officials whom RFA claimed to have leaked the document,” he added.

The spokesman said RFA’s action provides proof that it is not a credible source of information, but simply a propaganda tool at the services of a political faction.

The European Commission has submitted on 12 November to the government its preliminary Report of Findings with regards to its assessment on the EBA trade preferences according to which the government is invited to provide its comments within one month.

Concerned ministries and institutions will undertake a full review of the report and will submit by the set timeframe an appropriate response that will reflect updates of recent development in the areas of concerns of the European Commission.

Koy Kuong, spokesman for the Foreign Affairs Ministry, said government officials have been working with the EC’s fact-finding team over the past few months with the hope of retaining the Kingdom’s EBA status.

It is expected that the European Commission will make a decision by February 2020 whether or not the trade preferences will be withdrawn.

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