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Tencent connects consumers with hi-tech innovations

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A model of Tencent’s hi-tech underground server facility, which is virtually self-contained, is shown to media delegates. Khmer Times Staff

Shenzhen, China – Tencent is a company not often known of, but is the creator of social media platform WeChat which has more than one billion active users worldwide, with the bulk in China.

During a tour of Tencent’s headquarters in Shenzhen, media representatives were shown the company’s capabilities in a myriad of platforms, from artificial intelligence to a model of its servers which is built into a mountain for security reasons.

The media group was also shown an IoV (Internet of Vehicle) security lab and a 5G-based IoV lab jointly built by Tencent and China Mobile with Dongfeng Motor. All these represent a substantial step towards achieving auto intelligence and connectivity.

“Connecting people is the core of what we do. We develop and provide a wide range of easy-to-use instant messaging and social networks,” an official who gave a presentation during the tour said. “Our innovations make communications and sharing more convenient, lively and personal, enriching the lives of our users.”

“On the principle of ‘connecting everything’, Tencent continues to explore a range of diverse, integrated social entertainment offerings that look towards the future. Building upon high-quality content and driven by our technological innovations, we continue to explore the next generation of social and content integration,” he added.

The official said that through cross-screen, multi-platform and multi-format models, the company aims to provide Internet users with diversified and multi-dimensional content, to satisfy all its users’ entertainment needs.

At the same time, the company is also firmly aware of the importance of copyright and IP to the protection of creative industries. With respect to copyright, Tencent has endeavoured to explore potential IPs in the content business ecosystem.

“At present, our digital content products include online games, video, live streaming, news, music and literature. We also take measures to prevent excessive online gaming by children and to ensure this, children have to use their parent’s bank account and this too is limited to 600 RMB per month,” he said.

“We are constantly evolving, as this tour shows, and many of what [projects] we are working on with researchers across the world will come to fruition in the near future. We are the future of a seamless social media platform and payment gateway,” the official noted.

The  Internet giant has integrated the extremely popular WeChat service into its IoV (Internet of Vehicles) ecosystem and is likely to put the service into practical use this year, Zhong Xuedan, the vice president of Tencent Auto Intelligence, was quoted as saying at the at the 2019 Tencent Global Digital Ecosystem Summit.

“When a driver receives a WeChat message on a journey, he has to unlock his mobile phone first and then open the chat box before he sends replies. However, the series of motions would undoubtedly distract the driver from keeping his eyes on the road and lead to potential dangers to other drivers and pedestrians,” Mr Zhong had said.

He added that the in-car WeChat service was created to elevate driving safety, making drivers concentrate on roads rather mobile phones. Based on multiple driving scenarios, developers have tailored a number of functions to facilitate users, such as full voice interaction, dedicated steering wheel buttons and WeChat-activated navigation.

Using the full voice interaction function, drivers are allowed to control the WeChat progress by barely relying on speech. For example, people can answer the call or hang up the phone, search target contacts, launch a chat and pinpoint a restaurant by giving a simple voice instruction. Thus, drivers can put their hands on the steering wheel and keep their eyes on the road all the time.

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