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Shopping for Made-in-Cambodia products

Va Sonyka / Khmer Times Share:
The rattan baskets on sale during the Water Festival. YT/Srey Kumneth

Water Festival is not only one big party in the capital, it is also known as the ‘biggest shopping fair of the year’. Countless stalls were set up to sell local Made-in-Cambodia products ranging to imported goods that you can find in stores as, according to a reliable source, 2.7 million visitors swept past to witness the boat races and fireworks this year.

It is also one time in the year that people from the nearby provinces congregate in Phnom Penh with their original products. And it’s also that time of the year where many Phnom Penh shoppers could buy the special ‘one village, one product’ goods, which is one of the national signatures, without travelling to the province.

Not different from the previous year, the villagers from Kampong Speu, Odong mountain area descended on Phnom Penh with their co-villagers to sell their handmade products. The rattan basket, wine bag, palm leaf hat, and other handmade souvenirs is one of their signature products from Odong mountain.

In the midst of the crowd, Mrs Roth, was sitting alone with many different kinds of her colourful handmade products. Mrs Roth brought her products and also some of her neighbours’ products to sell in Phnom Penh every Water Festival. This year, handmade products were placed at the shopping zone nearby Night Market.

Mrs Roth said: “Many people like to buy our handmade products a lot, from adults to young people, especially Khmer.” She added that she can sell a lot during Day 2 of the Water Festival.

Mrs Roth, the rattan seller from Kampong Speu. YT/Srey Kumneth

This year, she said, she doesn’t have many products on offer due to the shortage of material, unlike last year. However, she was very happy that the local authority motivated her to bring this kind of local products to sell during   the national festival by allowing her to sell her items during the Water Festival without charging any fee.


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