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Sam Rainsy the destructor

Bopha Pat / No Comments Share:
Sam Rainsy arrives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 10 November 2019. facebook/@rainsy.sam.5

Sam Rainsy lies. He cheats. He is a storyteller. A schizophrenic dreamer, he disavows his word. He betrays the trust of naive people who support him with money. He promises a fairytale democratic paradise.

In 1997, he led militants to be killed for the crazy illusions he instilled in them. He was the leader of the demonstration. He was in charge. His duty was to give the order to dissolve the demonstration when he saw armed men on the Vat Botum esplanade.

He abandoned the protesters to their fate and fled to seek refuge from Prince Norodom Ranariddh, whom he had also betrayed. During his opposition debut, he went at least four times to seek asylum at the French embassy.

Each time, he was told that this asylum was not necessary because neither his life nor his freedom were under threat. If despite this, if he asked for the protection of France, it would be granted to him but he had to immediately hand over his mobile phone, stay confined in the embassy and then leave Cambodia and declare in writing that he would not undertake Cambodian politics in France.

Each time, he went back home to Phnom Penh. To prepare another operation which were equally ridiculous in nature and doomed to failure.

“Failure Conduct” is the expression that psychiatrists use to describe a person who undertakes and misses everything. Sam Rainsy never achieved the goals he set for himself. Circumstances have led him to occupy high positions.

He was Senior Minister, Minister of Economy and Finance, member of the governing board of the first political party and member of parliament. He lost them all only through his own doing. He lost everything because of his stubborn nature to work alone, to refuse government solidarity, to go against the opinions and orders he received, including from the Council of Ministers. He himself says that he does not care about criticism against him and that he makes his decision on his own.

How can a politician, known to perjure himself, hope to gain the trust of his peers? How can he defend and promote his country in the international fora? What value has his signature when he is known to renege on his commitments? How could the countries that he insulted copiously sign agreements with an irresponsible partner?

Sam Rainsy is politically finished. He will be eliminated from conversations in the chancelleries of countries that cooperate with Cambodia. Where are the European and American parliamentarians who had promised to accompany him on his return to Cambodia?

It remains the little soap opera created with the help of news and soundbite hungry media. The only consideration today is the regret for some unfortunate people for being cheated, for having believed in the words of a false and dishonest guru.

It’s all the more unfortunate because Sam Rainsy, in private, knows how to be funny and charming. But in public life, he is a permanent disaster.

Bopha Phat is a Cambodian analyst based in Phnom Penh.

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