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7 life hacks for a hearty holiday

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With the Water Festival looming, we are sure that many have cracked the code on how best to spend the holidays. For some, it is all about spending quality time with loved ones while for others, it could mean having that much-cherished break from life’s hectic schedule.

As we welcome one of the Kingdom’s oldest festivals, ‘Bon Om Tuk’, in the upcoming days we must also bear in mind that holiday seasons do not simply give you a ‘magical’ pass to be exempted from making responsible decisions, especially when it comes to your health. Remember, the choice towards a wholesome life is always yours to make.

Here are some key tips to ensure you have a feel-good Water Festival this year:

1) Know when to put the spoon and fork down

You might be thinking, “It is the holiday, so who cares if I over-indulge?” and the answer is your own body. According to Redhead Wellness Sanctuary, there is a vast difference between indulgence and taking it too far. If you attend a get-together where food is aplenty, make wise choices. Opt for the vegetable spring rolls instead of roast pork, for instance. Try to stick to your normal portions instead of treating every meal like an all-you-can-eat.

2) Spread good vibes only

Holiday stress is a real problem. Amidst the merriment, it is easy to feel overwhelmed or anxious especially if things don’t pan out as you had planned for them to be. Remember that it is okay. Do the breathing exercises and exclude yourself from stressful situations. If there is a time where you need to cut yourself some slack, this would be it. As Mayo Clinic reported, stress can induce other health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. So let us strive towards a stress-free holiday.

3) Stay hydrated

The Water Festival is synonymous with one thing — boat races. Last year alone, it was reported that 4.5 million people flocked to Phnom Penh for the festivity. For some families, it has been a longstanding tradition to go catch the boat races in action. While we encourage this, be reminded to stay hydrated. Staying under the heat for a long time could lead to rapid water loss from the body. Keep on drinking water throughout the day – don’t wait until you are thirsty — to ensure that every cell, tissue and organ in the body can function optimally.

4) Put on your walking shoes

As we said before, we encourage taking part in the Water Festival as it promotes exercises. Go for a stroll around the promenade with your family and friends as you watch the boat races. It is definitely what you need after feasting on ‘holiday food’. Depending on the terrain, walking speed and distance, a stroll can really burn serious calories. This eventually helps in reducing or maintaining a healthy weight. In fact, most research believe that the mere act of walking is a tremendous mood-booster.

5) Consume alcohol responsibly

The holidays are when your schedule would be packed with parties, gatherings and get-togethers. Water Festival is no different. It would be a norm to enjoy alcoholic beverages at these events, all in the name of good fun. However, we advise you to not get carried away and drink only in moderation. Know your alcohol limit and stick to it. If you are a light drinker, pace yourself and try to alternate sips of alcohol with water or other beverages. It also helps if you snack while you drink, you don’t get drunk fast and are still able to enjoy the moment.

6) Keep the cancer sticks at bay

Break the bad habit and embrace the smoke-free lifestyle. As soon as you inhale a puff, the carcinogens will be in effect, simultaneously attacking your bloodstream, lungs, brain, heart and stomach, among others. According to the National Health Survey: “If you could see the damage (from smoking), you’d stop”. That is how horrible a habit it is. Not only will you disrupt your own health but secondhand smoke also inflicts harm on others, especially when you are in common space where children are present.

7) Abide by traffic rules

Follow the basic rules every time you board or drive a vehicle. Take safety precautions like wearing a helmet if you are riding a motorcycle or fasten your seatbelts in the car. Make sure that you are not carrying more passengers than recommended — this puts all passengers at greater risk of road accidents. Be respectful and mindful of other motorists, do not cut queues, run the red lights or drive above the recommended speed. Not only are you taking chances with your own life, but also the lives of other innocent ones. If you have one too many to drink, do not get behind the wheels. Get someone else to bring you home or use one of the many ride-sharing applications.

These ‘life hacks’ do not have an expiry date — they are also applicable outside of festive seasons. Always remember that our health is precious and you do not get a rewind button if things go awry. This Water Festival, make wise choices to lead a quality life.

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