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Authorities create kidnapping hotlines

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The Interior Ministry’s Central Security Department yesterday announced two hotlines for the public to report possible kidnappings after a spike in Facebook comments about parents losing their children.

According to a statement issued yesterday, the purpose of the hotlines is to assist authorities with locating missing children quickly.

“Please report cases immediately to the department’s telephone numbers, 031-201-2345, 031-601-2345, if you have any information to help officers quickly locate a child and arrest a perpetrator according to the law,” the statement said.

In February, one woman took to her Facebook page in a desperate attempt to locate her missing daughter in Battambang province.

“I lost my daughter Seang Somalia, 7,” the woman’s post said. “I don’t know where she went after she finished her class; if anybody knows where she is or sees her please contact me.”

Pao Vireak, the father of a young girl, also took to Facebook recently to describe a harrowing experience in which he tracked an unknown woman trying to lure his child away from her school.

Mr Vireak posted a video to describe his experience, saying in it that if he wasn’t his little girl’s “watchdog”, she’d likely have been kidnapped and lost forever.

Mr Vireak said after taking his daughter to school, he saw a woman approach her, offering her candy. The woman then took her by motorbike to play in a nearby garden and then returned her to school, the father watching all the while.

“I followed her because I wanted to know what she wanted with my daughter,” he said in the video. “She took her back, but returned another day and took her on her motorbike again. So I followed, and stopped her, asking what she thought she was doing and she fled.”

“If I was not my daughter’s watchdog, I would have lost her,” Mr Vireak added.

Meas Chhor Paon, director of Norodom primary school, said he always directs guards at his school to close the gates and not allow unknown people onto the premises.

“At my school, after the kids come onto the grounds, the gate is closed and locked,” he said.

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