The Hookup Plan: Perfect light-hearted content to stream this weekend

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The full cast of The Hook-Up Plan. imdb

NETFLIX’S attempt at bringing to its subscribers international programming has been increasing gradually with more k-drama on a significant rise, with additional content coming from China, India and Japan. French films on Netflix have always been a hit-or-miss while their TV series, are even more less.

The Hookup Plan is a French series that starts off with all the typical formula, a nerdy young woman who is still not over her last beau (despite it being over for two years) meets a guy and instantly bonds over. Except what she doesn’t know is he was hired by her two close friends to help her get over her last relationship.

Zita Hanrot stars as a heartbroken Elsa along with Sabrina Quazani as Charlotte and Joséphine Draï as Emile as Elsa’s two best friends who decide that hiring Jules the male escort, played by Marc Ruchmann, would be the best way to help their friend out.

The first episode saw Jules trying to wriggle his way to Elsa using only his boyish charm and the two of them share the same love for a goofy singer. Despite the good time, Elsa still walks away — much to the dismay of her two friends.

Elsa and Jules ends up charming hearts away. imdb

Elsa and Jules eventually hit it off, much to everyone’s surprise. However, while the two turn the show into a predictable charming tale of romance, viewers are sure to expect the usual heartbreak tropes involving the truth digging its way out.

While the show does not exceed expectations in terms of originality, it does have its own charm presenting audiences with charismatic and charming characters. While the ending was certainly abrupt, a second season was certainly expected by fans and the good news is, it’s making its debut this week.

With The Hookup Plan Season 1 ready for streaming and Season 2 debuting this week, the show’s premises and perfect-cast chemistry has helped to elevate the standard for French content in terms of rom-com and certainly is going to pave the path for more light-hearted content to make their debut.

Consisting of only eight episodes, the show is a perfect Saturday night binge-material with each episode only running for a little over 20 minutes. The Hookup Plan is supported mostly by the chemistry shared by the friends showcasing a fun dynamics that would be relatable for audiences across the board.

Now, existing fans will have to just wait and see where Season 2 takes us on this absolutely charming romantic ride.

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