Garment school opens its doors to the industry

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The first series of professional short courses in factory supervision and team leadership were launched yesterday by the Cambodian Garment Training Institute (CGTI), set up by the Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia.

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According to Andrew Tey, director of CGTI, the first class comprises 43 students from three garment factories who are currently working as assistant supervisors and team leaders.

“The training institute was completed early this year and this is the inaugural series of short professional courses that we are launching,” said Mr Tey.

He said for the moment CGTI was focusing on supervisors and shop floor team leaders and added that the training institute would later add courses for middle level managers.

“Our main purpose is to train as many Cambodians as possible in this industry so that their skills are enhanced in the garment and fashion sectors,” said Mr Tey. “We have the best facilities for that in the training institute.”

Mr Tey said CGTI would also offer professional diploma courses in September to fresh university graduates.

“These diploma courses will be about 3 months long and will give an opportunity for new graduates to seek career opportunities in the garment and apparel industry,” he said.

The diploma courses, he said, will be in apparel design, product development, merchandising, industrial engineering and quality control.

K Shri Raajkhaanth, director of Methods Apparel Consultancy India, and instructor for the inaugural professional short courses in CGTI, said each course will take four to five days to complete.

“I hope to complete the first series of the two courses by July 21,” said Mr Raajkhaanth.

“Basically, these two short courses will look at how we organise the workplace and efficiently manage the factory,” he added.

“It will also touch on technical matters, like industrial engineering techniques.”

Ly Narith, one of course students, said he enrolled in CGTI because he wanted to further upgrade his factory floor management skills.

“I want to manage my staff well and that’s the reason I’m here,” he said.

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